How far in advance do we need to reserve our date with you?

Most wedding receptions are held on Saturdays which limits our availability. We tend to book most dates 4-12 months in advance so call today! To reserve your date 1st Choice requires a signed contract along with a retainer fee to guarantee the date. 619-756-2698.

Do you act as the Master of Ceremonies?

Yes. We handle all the formal announcements unless requested otherwise.

What kind of music do you play?

Music is the most important part of any reception and we are here to please. At every event we bring a database of over 100,000 songs. You can choose anything from the 1920’s and up. Our music genres include (but are not limited to) Oldies, Classic Rock, Disco, Funk, Old School, Retro, Top 40, Dance, Alternative, Country, Rock, Rap, R&B, and all the fun music!!! Your DJ will also take requests from your guests as long as it is within the same context of what you have chosen. We will not play any songs containing explicit or degrading lyrics.

Do you take requests?

To ensure your party’s a hit, guests are always welcome to come up to the disc jockey and make requests.

What time do you set up?

I set up 2 hour before start time so that we have plenty of time to thoroughly test the equipment and ensure that you and your guests have the best sound possible. It’s also a comfort to know that your DJ will be ready to start on time before your guests arrive.

How will the DJ be dressed?

I will always be dressed in a Suit for your wedding.

Do you take breaks?

I never take breaks, unless your program requires us to do so. (slide show/video presentations)

Do you drink at the event?

I never drink alcoholic beverages at an event.

What do the hosts need to provide? Do you need a banquet table?

I require a single outlet to plug in our equipment. That’s it!

What kind of equipment do you bring?

We use strictly name brand, professional sound and lighting equipment (the kind found at your local radio station or night club) for quality sound and reliability.

Do you have a wireless microphone? And do you charge extra for it?

I include a wireless microphone as part of our standard sound system at no additional charge.

How big is the sound system?

My sound system is no bigger than a standard banquet table.

What if something goes wrong?

I always have a DJ on call in the unlikely event that there is an unfortunate accident.

Is there a charge for travel?

In most cases no. We only charge for travel if the event is more than two (2) hours outside of Tucson.

How much do you charge?

Our prices vary based on the requested number of hours for music and the location of the event. We do not charge extra for our setup time, consultations or the number of guests attending. Call today for pricing and availability!